Our Goals for Talk

The goals for our Talk product are:


  1. To create a space where audience members can offer insights and engage in conversation about journalism, without being unduly vulnerable to attack. This is because community members want to feel heard by each other and by the news organizations and want to control how much personal information they share.
  1. To decrease the volume and visibility of hostile contributions, and increase that of constructive contributions, because focusing on the constructive will reward behavior that helps the community, instead of only punishing people for stepping out of line.
  1. To create the best possible spaces for people who don’t usually contribute to communities around journalism (including people of color, gender non binary, women of all ethnicities, etc), because both readers and journalists will benefit if comment sections better represent the diversity of thought and experience among the audience. 
  1. To make it easy for people to find what they want to read because they want a fulfilling reading experience. Engaging with meaningful and desired content  will encourage more people to participate, and journalists’ work will improve by connecting with community members.
  1. To identify and manage problems quickly and early, so that action can be taken to maintain the integrity of the community space, because that will encourage more people to invest time in the community.
  1. To allow newsrooms to customize their communities based on their needs, and to create an ongoing relationship of trust and dialog with their audiences. We believe that this is most effective through decentralized tools that the newsrooms own and control.


Questions? Comments? Let us know in our community.