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Aggregate User Needs

Screenshot of our Trello board containing user needs listed by Audience Needs, Journalist needs

Click here to see the main user needs we’ve identified

These are based on interviews we’ve conducted with more than 350 people including in 160 newsrooms as well as community members, major technology companies, new startups, and more. Click the above image to visit the Trello board and to let us know if we missed anything.

User Personas

[IMAGE] A user persona card for a woman called Salma, who is listed on the persona card as being the CTO of a major news organization.

Click here to download our User Personas 1.1 (PDF, 4MB)

These are user identities, created by combining several of our interviewees into single identities, to help us identify and build for different user needs. Click here to give us feedback.

Our card game

Logo of our game Cards Against Community

Click here to download our card game

We’ve also created a card game, to help people think about the structure of online communities.